Finding My Moxie

I wanted to jumpstart my writing projects this year so I checked out a new writing workshop offered by Moxie Road Productions. It was a day full of writing with breakout sessions and connection with other writers.

Best of all, I left with "an actionable plan and the inspiration to begin." (I stole that line right from their website.)

As lame as it sounds, taking fifteen minutes to write out a simple plan and scheduling time directly into my iPhone has made a huge difference. I probably spend an average of two hours every night (between 2 and 4 am) worrying about not getting enough work done.

Fifteen minutes (and 6 months of procrastinating) later, I have a whole new lease on my writing life. If you need a boost, I would highly recommend working with Janine & Tarja. Check out their site, scroll through their blogs, and give yourself a quick shot of inspiration.

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