Who Is Rooting For You?

You know when you have this weird desire to do something that doesn't exactly come naturally to you but you try it anyway and then it doesn't exactly go so well and you sort of feel like a failure but for some reason you still feel compelled to keep trying? That's how I feel.

If you are looking for a writing group who will root for you, why not try one of my fall classes? The Slacker Blogger BootCamp is an online course that will give you the space to get your weekly blog posts written. Sound good? Email me for info.

I haven't figured out the exact date for the Fall Into Writing Half-Day Workshop but if you are interested in spending three hours with a group of people who love to write and who are ready to tell you what's right about your writing, this might be a fun class for you. Contact me to save your spot.

Have questions, email nicki at NickiOrser@yahoo.com.

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