Halloween Writing Prompts

With Halloween around the corner, I can't stop thinking about costumes past. I wore an eye patch as a kid because of my lazy eye, so no matter how I dressed at least one person would ask "What are you? A pirate?"

"Yes, that's why I'm carrying these red and white pom-poms," I'd say.

I never actually said that, but I would have if there hadn't been a king-sized Snickers bar potentially hanging in the balance. There was the year of the one-eyed cowardly lion, the one-eyed R2D2, and the one-eyed Jack-O-Lantern. That Jack-O'Lantern costume was actually totally awesome. My sister Trudy made it out of paper mache.

I remember most years desperately wanting a crappy store-bought plastic costume as opposed to a crappy homemade one. What was Halloween like when you were a kid?

If you feel stuck, you can check out Chrystal Mahan's article full of Halloween writing prompt's here.

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