When Is It Too Late?

"I'm too old" is an evasive tactic. It is always used to avoid facing fear.

—Julia Cameron

Some days we're in flow. Life seems full of possibilities. Other times perfectionism creeps in and it feels like nothing is good enough. I try to remember that fear comes in all different shapes and sizes. Mine likes to masquerade as The Truth when it tells me that it's too late. I've missed the boat on my dreams. 

Ok, maybe it might be a little late to realize my childhood desire of becoming the next Mary Lou Retton. That ship has sailed. But through my writing practice, I'm recalling some of those other long-forgotten hopes. Many of them are actually happening.

 As you go through your week, try to notice your joy. What feels good? What brings you delight? Give yourself permission to make room for a little more.

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